Wet – Scrub – Rinse – Dry (WSRD)

We aspire to provide the safest and most efficient water solutions to protect human health and the environment. All of us can properly wash our hands to help safeguard our health and each other. But decision makers can do more for their users—and that starts with hands-off features and smarter technologies. Find hygienic plumbing solutions to protect what matters most.


Utilizing touchless technology to create a healthier restroom experience - while improving the operational efficiency of the facility.


Antimicrobial surfaces in restrooms inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, stain and odor causing bacteria on the fixture surface.


Sensor-activated World Dryer hand drying solutions are a hygienic and eco-friendly way to dry hands and promote proper hand hygiene.


Zurn pledges one million dollars in product donations to qualifying healthcare facilities currently addressing COVID-19. To see if you qualify for this offer, please click the link below.

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More From Zurn

Product Image 400x400 - Z6950-XL-S


Zurn Aqua-FIT® sensor faucets provide a high level of functionality and customizability in a beautiful, streamlined design. Available in multiple flow rates and power configurations.


Product Image 600x600 - ZERK-CCP


Zurn E-Z Flush Retrofit kit is designed to provide automatic flushing for urinal and water closet flush valves.


Product Image 600x600 - VERDEdri


VERDEdri delivers optimal performance with less power. HEPA filter captures 99.97% of pollutants including bacteria and viruses 0.3µm or larger while antimicrobial technology inhibits growth of bacteria, viruses and mold.


Product Image 600x600 - ZTR6200-WS1


Zurn AquaSense ZTR6200 Series Sensor operated flush valve enables hands-free operation and improves sanitation.


Product Image 600x600 - Z6920-XL


Zurn AquaSense® faucets are ideal for high-use applications where durability and hands-free operation are necessary.


Product Image 600x600 - Z5460


CuVerro® antimicrobial copper-nickel alloy surfaces create a new standard for innovative hygienic solutions - killing more than 99.9% of bacteria, and delivering continuous antibacterial action.