Real Time Before There’s a Real Problem

Within any business, setbacks happen. But what if you could respond faster to prevent them in the first place? Zurn’s Connected Products let you take control, no matter where you are, through real-time insights and performance trends of your products.

Let your equipment do the monitoring for you. Access data on your Zurn Connected Products from your desktop or mobile device to make decisions, not assumptions.

• Customizable alert parameters
• Real-time notifications via email or text
• Secure web portal with remote 24/7 access
• Dashboard-style device alerts, performance data and trends

Zurn Connected Products Put You in Control

The Zurn Wilkins Connected Backflow Preventer is the first to launch within our portfolio of advanced connected water solutions.

Connected Backflow

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Connected Faucets
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Connected Drains
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Connected Flush Valves
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Zurn Wilkins Connected Backflow Preventer

Drop in pressure at the city mains? Debris lodged in one of the checks? With the Zurn Wilkins Connected Backflow Preventer, you’re not on constant alert; it’s alerting you when you need to know. That way, you can monitor the situation and react before catastrophic flooding occurs.

You’ll be able to avoid problems by being your own solution...and that’s a good feeling.

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