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Products and Performance that Make the Grade

Zurn’s dependable performance in the restrooms and utility rooms means fewer interruptions in the classrooms, creating an inspirational learning environment without distractions and the lowest total cost of ownership.

A learning environment requires focus and -- because drips equal distractions -- durability is vital for a school’s plumbing. You need a system that is fortified against wear and formidable against vandals.  

Zurn’s dependable products are engineered to protect your entire campus—from the classrooms and labs to the cafeteria and the sports fields. Our durable, tamper-resistant restrooms help you focus more of your dollars on curriculum and fewer on clean up. We’ll minimize repairs, maximize water savings and protect the school’s population. It’s easier to learn with Zurn.

Zurn Flush Valve

Avoid A Vandal Scandal

A successful school year demands a viable building—one that stands strong against misuse and abuse behind closed doors. Zurn’s products and systems are durable and designed to frustrate would-be troublemakers. Our sensor lenses in flush valves and faucets will resist tampering. Our heavy-duty, standard-load-rated carrier systems maximize durability. We’ll keep your facilities operational so that your lesson plans can go forward as scheduled.



Safety and sanitation are mandatory not only for students and teachers, but everyone who walks onto the school grounds. Zurn delivers healthy water campus-wide with select lead-free plumbing components. We’ll keep lab spaces protected by capturing chemicals at the sink and preventing corrosion down the line. We’ll keep water at recommended hand-washing temperatures. We’ll shield against backflow catastrophes with low-maintenance, highly dependable, budget-friendly systems.

Zurn Flush Valve


Environmental Science and Economics are not just classes in learning institutions. Work with Zurn to upgrade your building to lower your operational costs and reduce water usage. Our WaterSense®-listed products are designed to create the highest efficiencies and facilitate LEED® certification. We’ve developed proven processes and products to manage your resources so that, together, we can leave a world that’s sustainable for your students.

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