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Fort Worth ISD

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PHIX neutralizes acid for schools

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Reimagine the restroom with even more options

3 new basins. Countless configurations.

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Behold the balance of brawn, brains, and beauty

The Sundara™ Handwashing System

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At Zurn, the focus is on continuous improvement of our industry leading solutions. Some of the latest product solutions are highlighted here.

Zurn 1.1gpf flush valve

31% water consumption savings the one and only 1.1

Zurn is the only manufacturer to offer a high-efficiency carrier and a 1.1 gpf toilet system. That delivers 31% water consumption savings over traditional 1.6 gpf toilet systems.
Z100-dp top set deck plate


Save 7 minutes per installation with the Z100-DP Top-Set Deck Plate. This is just one of the many labor saving products that can save significant time and money.
Slider Image 960x960 - Zurn Green Turtle Proceptor


Whether it’s a 24-hour carwash or a five-star restaurant, reputations rest on a smooth operation. Give your customers and our environment the advantage of Zurn Green Turtle’s patented systems. Customize a solution that’s ready to take on any industry and outperform years down the line.
Carrier and toilet behind wall

From the front of the wall to the back we're solving smarter

Zurn is the only manufacturer to combine a 1.1 gpf wall bowl system, a perfectly matched flush valve and a high-efficiency carrier for a complete system.

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Zurn Introduces Three New Sundara Basins

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