BrightShield Hygienic Upgrade Bundle

The most complete portfolio for hassle-free, hygienic and sustainable upgrades.

Meet Increased

Hygiene Standards

Meet Increased Hygiene Standards

BrightShield by Zurn Elkay Water Solutions helps make hygienic upgrades easier and more efficient to maintain.

A Performance Portfolio from One Source

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Build Your Own BrightShield Bundle

Choose one Faucet AND one Flush Valve PLUS Two Additional Products in the Portfolio.

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The BrightShield bundle is a performance portfolio that helps pay for itself by saving operational, maintenance and repair costs.

Low flow rate fixtures and touchless hand drying reduce water and paper costs.

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BrightShield simplifies hygienic upgrades with a complete portfolio from a single manufacturer.

One source and one point of contact for repairs and replenishment.

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BrightShield sets a new standard to help combat the risk of transmitting germs by removing touchpoints and creating easier to clean spaces.

Automatic touchless sensor activation, HEPA-filtration and antimicrobial surfaces improve cleanliness.

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Wellness and Sustainably Inspired

BrightShield by Zurn Elkay Water Solutions helps advance human health and sustainability in buildings with products that help achieve wellness and stewardship goals.

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WELL Building Standard

Zurn Elkay Water Solutions has more ways that contribute toward earning WELL points

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Protecting the environment with touchless hand drying that saves 250,000 trees a year

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Zurn Elkay water conservation products saved 34 billion gallons of water in 2021

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Recycling valuable resources with partitions made from 91% recycled content

Reduce the environmental impact of facilities by saving water, energy and natural resources with a portfolio designed to help meet stewardship goals.

8 BrightShield Hygienic Upgrades

Circle 1

Vandal-resistant partition hardware, aerators and sensor products

Circle 2

Upgrade most handle-operated flush valves to a touchless experience in three minutes

Circle 3

Save water with high-efficiency low flow rate fixtures, faucets and flush valves

Circle 4

Minimize stagnant water and bacteria growth with programmable faucets and flush valves that offer automatic line flushing

Circle 5

Eliminate the ongoing replacement of traditional temperamental solenoids with gear-driven devices

Circle 6

Improve cleanliness and reduce the messes, waste and costs of paper products with touchless hand dryers

Circle 7

Reduce batteries going into landfills with hydro-powered faucets and flush valves

Circle 8

Reach a new level of clean with remote monitoring and usage insights by upgrading to smart faucets, flush valves and occupancy lights

Zurn 7 Year Warranty

BrightShield Advantage

The BrightShield Bundle comes with single-sourced speed and the confidence of a seven-year warranty.

BrightShield Bundle Advantage

The BrightShield bundle comes with single-sourced speed and the confidence of a seven-year warranty.

BrightShield Product Portfolio

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